Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund





We’re very serious about our responsibility to foster exciting, new Australian talent.

Which is why we established the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund, to raise money to help local artists take part in the Fringe.

Artists at the Fringe are creative entrepreneurs. They generally use their own funds to present their show, and then hope to sell enough tickets to cover their costs.

Money from the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund helps make this challenge a little easier for newcomers, with funds used for a range of purposes including sets, travel, costumes and publicity.

We never want to forget we are a ‘fringe’ event, so the Artist Fund helps to ensure we will have daring and diverse contemporary work that surprises and wows audiences, and makes Adelaide Fringe the most talked about festival in the world.

 “Adelaide Fringe was established as an un-curated festival for independent artists to present their own work. That philosophy is as important today as it was then, and artists need your help”
Frank Ford AM Founding Chair, Adelaide Fringe

By donating to the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund you will not only be helping artists create amazing work, you will be investing in the long term future of an artist’s career.

“Self-presenting in the Fringe got The Border Project’s work first seen which led to our work being programmed at the Sydney Theatre Company and the Adelaide Festival”
Sam Haren Theatre Director, Sandpit

In 2017, thirteen grants totalling $85,000 were awarded to independent Australian artists to support their work in the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. You can find more about all thirteen recipients here.

A little money can make all the difference – it can start a career. It might mean a director or dramaturge can be hired, costumes and sets created, a marketing campaign run, travel and accommodation costs covered, or even a pop-up venue created.

We believe in challenging artists to be brave and audiences to be braver.

Be brave with us and donate to the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund.

Special thank you to our Friends of the Adelaide Fringe Artist Fund

Daniela Cirocco

Andrew Coombe

Ruth Croall

Naomi Ebert Smith

Frank Ford & Sam Harvey

Peter & Alison Hanlon

Sir James & Lady Hardy

Andrew & Mel Mailler

Annabel Mangal & Bronte Mawson

David & Vicki Minear

Julia Pitcher & Julie Owens

Johnny Taranto

Jan Turbill

Andrew van Essen & Julie Moralee

Julie & John von Doussa

Gillian & Max Redman-Lloyd

Sue & Geoff Boettcher